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“Debt Counselling is a powerful tool, if understood and used wisely” 


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    Cyber Finance is registered and regulated by the National Credit Regulator(NCR). NCR Number: NCRDC3022. We pride ourselves on giving you the support and professional advise you deserve. We offer a number of short and long term financial solutions including Debt Review, Consolidation Loans, Voluntary Debt Restructuring, Sequestration and more.

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    Get Cash Back

    Get up to 60% of your monthly installments back in your pocket, giving you money every month for the more important things and a bit of fun too.

    Protect Your Assets

    Protect your assets from repossession. We help you protect your car, house and other valuables from your creditors. We handle the creditors so you relax while knowing your debts are being payed.

    Reduce Your Interest

    We negosiate with your creditors on your behalf to lower your interest down to as little as 0%. Helping you pay-off your debts faster without unnecessary extra costs.

    Total Convenience

    Our financial assessment process is done telephonically, so you can go through the entire process from the comfort of your own home. We will do all the hard work on your behalf!

    Excellent Customer Service

    Our team of highly trained professionals has helped hundreds of people learn more about Debt Counselling. We’re here to help you become debt free! All you have to do is take the first step.

    Complete Privacy

    All your information is completely confidential ensuring anonymity of all our clients. Giving you piece of mind knowing that your information is save with us.

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    We offer debt counselling services, advice & guidance to all South Africian’s by helping them through the process of becoming financially free. We have helped thousands of people protect their assets, reduce their monthly installments and save them money.
    Giving you the opportunity to live life to the fullest with peace of mind that your debt is taken care of.



    Here is what our previous clients had to say about us.


    Chris Swanepoel


    “From when I entered into financial management with Cyber Finance for my debt problems. I received only 1 phone call from creditors. I informed my account manager at Cyber Finance who handled it nicely. I did not hear again from this creditor again. That made me happy. It took time to learn how to live and plan my life so I don’t have bad debt. I learned that in this way I optimized my spending power. More money to spend for myself instead of high interests.”

    Theo Khumalo


    “I thought I was being smart by avoiding creditors and delaying payments but, I was so wrong! Through Cyber Finance I saw another world. The world of thinking smart and avoiding more debts. The higher discipline also was positive for my family. We were able to achieve more in life. We were able to convert our goals positively and we are so happy now. Who would have known that?”


    Mavis Madonsela


    “When I was looking for a company to assist me with my financial challenges I did not know anything about debt counselling and came across different people and companies, but they were not like the friendly advisers I found at Cyber Finance. Not only did they help, they went beyond in assisting me with great pleasure and they have become like a best friend full of good advice.
    Thank you a lot, you have made my life easier.”