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Cyber Finance offers a range of effective debt counselling services that provide you with an affordable debt repayment solution. Our highly skilled debt counsellors can advise and guide you through specialised solutions. 

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, advice and guidance to all our clients. We give you all the tools and opportunities to educate and help you on becoming financially strong. We value each client no matter who you are or where you are from! 

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About Us

Cyber Finance is registered and regulated under the National Credit Regulator (NCR number: NCRDC3022).  We pride ourselves on giving you the support and professional financial advice you deserve. 

We are a National service provider helping clients across South Africa. Proudly supporting local growth and development. we also offer range of corporate wellness services to help employees manage their personal financial health. partnering with clients like the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town. 

“We believe in the financial health of all South Africans and strive to provide excellent customer service and Financial guidance”

Debt Solutions

Through a number of specialised solutions our obligation free financial assessment has given thousands of South Africans the ability to full understand and take action to improve their financial situation.

Helping you live debt free is what makes us happy!!!

Debt Counselling

If you’re struggling to settle your personal debts, talking to one of our financial advisers will help you find an effective solution benefiting your financial needs and helping you become financially free of overwhelming debt. 

Debt Consolidation

If you have many small accounts that need to be paid. Loan Consolidation will allow you to take out one loan to cover all of these smaller accounts and pay only one monthly installment towards your debt. 

Debt Review

a Formal legal process implemented by the NCR to offer consumers a solution if they are over-indebted and unable to meet their financial obligations. Debt Review is one of the most known debt restructuring options.

Voluntary Debt Restructuring

An alternative solution to debt review. Voluntary Debt Restructuring or VDR follows a similar approach as Debt review, but offers you access to credit facilities if needed. VDR is more a short term solution for debt restructuring.