Through a number of specialized solutions, we have helped thousands of South Africans take control of their finances & become Debt free.



If you are insolvent – your assets are worth less than your personal debt – and you have enough equity in your estate to provide a minimum benefit (20c on each Rand), you may apply for a Sequestration Order. This process is referred to as voluntary sequestration. We will assist you with the application and see to it that the sale of your personal assets is to the advantage to your creditors. If your creditors have brought a Sequestration Order against you and you are not insolvent, we will assist you to provide sufficient reasons why your personal assets should not be sequestrated.
Note: This is an application to the High Court and costly for that reason. Legal costs often exceed the R10 000 mark and you will be expected to pay upfront.

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Debt Counselling

If you’re struggling to settle your personal debts, talking to one of our trained debt counsellors will help you find an effective solution e.g. debt review. Once your debt counsellor has established that you’re over-indebted and you’ve entered debt review, he or she will negotiate lower monthly installments with your creditors, which will allow you to retain your valuable assets while settling your debts with an affordable fixed monthly payment. By entering debt review before your creditors take legal action against you, you will prevent being blacklisted or receiving judgements & your assets are protected.

  • Get Cash Back
  • Reduce Your Interest
  • Protect Your Assets
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If your personal debt amount to R50,000 or less, we can apply to the court for an Administration Order (Magistrate’s Court Act Section 74) on your behalf. The order will protect you from your creditors by enforcing an affordable debt repayment plan that will allow you to settle debts. Note that an Administration Order will see an attorney/administrator manage all your funds.

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Voluntary Debt Restructuring

If you don’t qualify as over-indebted, but are unable to settle your personal debts due to a lack of financial management, we will work with you to put together a realistic budget. We will then negotiate with your creditors to find a workable solution that satisfy both parties. VDR works similar to Debt counselling. The main deference is you voluntarily decide on restructuring your debt to better your situation.

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Loan Consolidation

If you have many small accounts that need to be paid, you might be held responsible for repaying high interest and service fees. Loan Consolidation will allow you to take out one loan to cover all of these smaller accounts and pay a reduced installment. In order to qualify for Loan Consolidation, you must be credit worthy and pass the creditor’s credit vetting process.

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