The Debt Review process

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Debt Review

Debt review is a formal legal process that allows you (the consumer) the ability to restructure your debt into one more affordable monthly payment. Giving you financial relief while still allowing you to meet your debt obligations. You can apply for debt review by approaching a registered Debt Counsellor to assist you in your application.

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced the formal debt rehabilitation program, debt review in 2007, in order to prevent consumers from being placed under personal administration and having to deal with the long term negative effects.

A new affordable monthly budget and payment plan will be structured by one of our debt counsellors, who will provide you with the correct guidance and advice throughout the debt review process.

The Benefits of Debt Review

Debt review is by far the most effective solution available in South Africa to help you clear your debt. The benefits of debt review is what makes it as effective and popular as a debt restructuring solution.

  • All your debt gets consolidated into one monthly payment that you can afford based on your living expenses and income.
  • You get legal protection against all your creditors. They will not be able to repossess any of your assets or take any action against you.
  • Your interest rates on your accounts get lowered. We negotiate better rates on your behalf to assist you even further.
  • A clean credit record once the process is completed. 

Our debt review process starts with an obligation free debt assessment. 

Our Free Debt Assessment is structured to give you a complete overview of your financial situation before you even look at a debt solution like debt review.

With the assessment, you are assigned your own dedicated financial specialists. When completing the assessment, we take into consideration your living expenses and all your current debt obligations, we then evaluate and advice you on the correct action to take.

Obligation Free. Once the assessment is completed you can decide whether you want to make use of our services. Your dedicated financial specialist will then assist you in the entire process, from application to becoming debt free. You have the control!