Voluntary Debt Restructuring

Break Free from your debt on your terms

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Voluntary Debt Restructuring

As the name suggest, Voluntary Debt Restructuring or VDR for short is a similar process to debt Review but without any of the restrictions. VDR gives you the ability to restructure your unsecure debt into one more affordable payment and allows you to choose what accounts to exclude from the process. You are also still able to have access to credit.

This process applies when you want to make your life easier by consolidating some of your debt. Especially when you are in a tight money situation accompanied by the early over indebtedness indicators like skipping a payment or two, missing debit order due dates and feeling the stress of meeting your financial obligations.

The Benefits of Voluntary Debt Restructuring

VDR is a great short term alternative to Debt review and other restructuring solutions, giving you freedom to control our debt. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can restructure your  unsecure debt into one monthly payment
  • You choose what accounts to include under VDR
  • You can cancel the process at any time
  • No Flag on your credit record, so you still have access to credit
  • Lower monthly installments of up to 50%

Our Voluntary Debt Restructuring process starts with an Obligation Free Debt Assessment. 

Our Free Debt Assessment is structured to give you a complete overview of your financial situation before you even look at a debt solution.

With the assessment, you are assigned your own dedicated financial specialists. When completing the assessment, we take into consideration your living expenses and all your current debt obligations, we then evaluate and advice you on the correct action to take.

Obligation Free. Once the assessment is completed you can decide whether you want to make use of our services. Your dedicated financial specialist will then assist you in the entire process, from application to being debt free. You have the control! 

Debt Review VS Voluntary Debt Restructuring 

What is the difference?

When you think of the challenges you are facing with your debt, you struggle to make sense of it all. The first thing is to know what is better for you and your family and when is debt review or VDR better for your situation. First let’s just understand each of these processes and how they work, and then we can compare and evaluate each option… 

Voluntary Debt Restructuring

Break Free from your debt on your terms